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Weekly updates

‘Altered States’ is the next exhibition to open at Sydney’s kind of — gallery, Thursday 21st of March at 6.00 pm.

It’s a group show co-curated by kind of — gallery, Hyper XX and Qwux. The kind of — crew chatted with Jono (Hyper XX) and Qwuxdiggity (Qwux) via Facebook to speak about the exhibition, the past, the present and the blah blah.

In today’s instalment, we meet Jono, aka Hyper XX. Read the (largely unedited) Facebook chat transcript below.

kind of —  So what’s this show that you/we are curating?

Hyper XX —  I’m currently co-curating a show titled Altered States with QWUX and the boys at kind of — gallery. We’re bringing together artists to explore the notion of solidity as it is seen in the social, physical and psychological contexts. It’s an attempt to peel back what we see as being strong and stable to reveal what is really happening.

kind of —  OK, cool man, now I know I can get to work on it – kidding. I know what we’re doing – pretty much. When did you start on this curating tip? What was your first show?

Hyper XX —  Ha ha, the first ever show was Hyper Reality Dimension XX at AMBUSH gallery. It was a trial by fire/do or die moment for me! I had no clue as to how to put together a show but I needed it to happen to get my own work out there. I’ve only been curating for a year (Hyper Reality was in April last year) but it’s been an amazing ride.

kind of —  How many artists did you have in there? I know the more artists it is, the more work it is.

Hyper XX —  Yeah tell me about it… I had twenty! It was actually designed that way – XX.

kind of —  Do you have a website? You should plug it now.

Hyper XX —  http://www.jverzosa.com
It’s got my design, art and curation stuff in there. Come to think of it, I think all the shows I’ve curated have had 20+ artists in them (I don’t know what’s wrong with me). Definitely looking forward to doin smaller tighter shows this year.

kind of —  Ha ha, whoops. We’re working towards thirty artists for this show, huh? So this is the biggest show you’ve worked on?

Hyper XX —  Dirty Laundry at the Tate was the biggest… we had 40-50 artists in that one! Super fun sketch show that OX and I curated.

kind of —  Oh! I didn’t realize that was you, I dug that concept. I didn’t see the show though.
Your work is pretty Rat Fink-esque are you into that hot rod steeze?

Hyper XX —  I do like what Ed Roth does (Rat-Fink is such a rad icon), but to be honest I’m more influenced by people like James Jean, Mars-1, and Jim Woodring. I have a massive fan boy hard-on for those guys… Their styles and concepts are insane. I have no idea where my style just comes from… I just like ugly, pervy, melty things… It appeals to the 15 year old ratbag in me.
And yes hot rods are sexy.

kind of —  Ha ha, dope man. I don’t know you that well and I haven’t done my research – so it will be a short interview unless you tell me something interesting about yourself?

Hyper XX —  I’m pretty boring… a good night out for me would be smashing some Korean fried chicken (actually any fried chicken) and belting out some 80’s love ballads at karaoke (me and my best mate do a mean/awful rendition of “Islands In The Stream”). Also there is no such thing as a bad time for ice cream.

kind of —  You mean this song -
or the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers version?

Hyper XX —  Yes. I’m usually Dolly Parton.

kind of —  OK, this version – 

Hyper XX —  Yeah, that’s the version. Man, Dolly Parton is all boobs.

kind of — That is embarrassing! But awesome! I’m more of an Electric Blue kind of guy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUFOVu1CurM Me and the Pigeon Boy assassinate this track!

Hyper XX —  Kenny Rogers is a silver fox, lol. Duets are the best. You guys should try this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3BuITOx3Cs It’s on the to sing list.

kind of — Ha ha, oh dude, this is amazing! Next time it’s karaoke time, I’ll give you a call! I noticed at our meetings you’ve not had a drink though, do you drink? I find it hard to karaoke if I’m not loose.

Hyper XX —  Yeah, I gave up the drink. I drink on occasion though, mostly because I suck at it. Two drinks and I’m done for the night. YEAH MAN!!! KARAOKE! CALL MEEEE

kind of —  Ha ha, you know who I think is a good drinker – only because his face goes BRIGHT red as soon as the booze touches his lips? Guess?

Hyper XX —  Yeah, I almost got done in for drink driving… that’s why I gave up. Oh man, no idea.

kind of — Chris Yee!

Hyper XX — LMAO YESSSSS. Oh man but that guy loves his booze. If there are free booze, Chris is on it.

kind of — For those who don’t know-
http://yeetheeast.com/ – now you know.
One of the dopest artists man, we’re hoping to work with him later in the year. Has he confirmed or denied for this show?

Hyper XX — Nah he’s out. Yeah man, I had Chris in Hyper and he’s best buds with Gerald and James Jirat. They all met through Hyper Reality. His twin brother Andrew is in though.

kind of —  Yeah rad, Andrew is really good too, hey?

Hyper XX —  Yeah he’s pretty insane… he did an A0 size black and white illustration for The Devil Made Me Do It… Napoleon as a skull zombie on a cyborg horse.

kind of —  Epic. OK, one more question – a normal one – what’s your day job?

Hyper XX —  I’m currently working as a freelance graphic designer.

kind of —  How’s that going? You looking to become a fulltime curator?

Hyper XX —  It’s going good but I’m looking to get into an established studio full time where I can grow as a designer… I just graduated from graphics so I still have plenty to learn. Ultimate goal is to be a full time artist/curator and freelance as designer on the side to keep it interesting.

kind of — Sounds good, bro. You want to add anything else? We covered past, present and future with lighthearted banter in between. It’s a pretty perfect interview! Last words?

Hyper XX — Hmmm… use the thing the thing about ice cream as last words. I seriously eat that shit at least 3-4 times a week.

Stay tuned for the interview with co-curator Qwux, coming soon.