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Weekly updates

kind of — Gallery caught up with artist Takie to talk about her up-coming show during her residency at Sydney’s He Made x She Made (70 Oxford St, Darlinghurst).
The show is called ‘More Is Never Enough’ and will open Wednesday 3rd of April 6pm, and will run until Sunday 14th April.

We all want more, what separates us is those that are willing to give it all up to get there.

An inquisitive impulse propels the engine for this new collection of work by Takie. Intrigued by the notion that no matter how well you know someone, how much time you spend with them and how familiar they are – you can never accurately predict how they will behave. We are bound by chemistry and desire to delve deeply into and unwrap the psyche of those closest to us – to understand why they do what they do. The only way to build these layers of perception is to first let go of the energies we harbor from the past. Shedding the weight of ingrained burdens to lighten the load for what is to come.

Takie — YO!

kind of — Hey maaaaate. How was your date with Dad last night?

Takie — Haha it was good actually, thanks for asking – deliciousness
As in the food – not Dad ha ha.
Can we scrap the above? I sound like a CREEP.

kind of — Ha ha, it’s all good, it’s not creepy.
I just saw a few shots from our visit yesterday, they look great!

Takie — Oh sweet! Yay looking forward to seeing them.

kind of — We’re pretty excited to show your stuff too by the way.

Takie — I reckon I’m just as excited to show at kind of — maybe even more! Been following you guys for ages – dreaming of the day – that now is pretty fucking close.

kind of — That’s fucking cool man, I like when good people like us.
So this is your second solo??

Takie — Indeed. Second solo dolo.

kind of — Have you been in many group shows as well?

Takie — Yeah since boosting back up to Sydney in may last year I’ve been getting my stuff around – there’s been so much cool shit going on – the scene is really vibing at the moment.

kind of — Yeah I can feel that too hey. I think the city has a bit to do with that, especially around Oxford St.

Takie — Completely agree – pop up galleries – pop up design shops – all these semi permanent spots are keeping things fresh.

kind of — Fo real.
You mentioned you just got back to Sydney. Did you move up from Melbs?
Do I remember that right?

Takie — Not heaps recently – I’ve been back for about a year now. I spent 2 and a half years down in Burn city, miss that place hey.

kind of — Were you up in the scene down there as well?
You’re right in the thick of it in Sydney, solo show at The Tate, studio at The Tate, solo show at kind of —.

Takie — My interest in the scene was more prominent than my inclusion but Melbourne was where it all started for me. The streets were my playground for getting my Takie street based stuff up and that was the catalyst for exploring my stuff further for my show at The Tate.

kind of — Cool cool. Do you think there’s real differences in the Melbourne scene compared to Sydney?

Takie — Simply – yes. Everything is different – the people, the environment, the weather, the bars, the music, the food. But I think that’s a great thing – when you shift between the two you cover a lot of ground, your inspiration is doubled & varied.

kind of — That’s a good way to look at it. I was kind of — waiting for some hella conflict smack talk.

Takie — Ha ha ha you’re not gonna get it from me – I’m gonna sit on the fence and say I love them both equally for different reasons – peace & love man

kind of — Ha ha. How did you end up in cahoots with the Tate dudes?

Takie — Fuck they’re legends – they just got an email from an over excited chick one day and took a chance – I got really lucky in them having a space in the studios for me when I moved back up – and now I pretty much live here – annoying the hell out of them in my spare time.

kind of — I’m sure they’re happy to have you annoy them.
Guest question from Qwux, he’s standing right here so I thought I would ask him.
Qwux: hold up, he’s thinking.

Takie — Ha ha sweet! Say hi for me! Tell him I’m rocking a beanie today!

kind of — He said he likes beanies. He almost wore a beanie today but the sun came out.

Takie — I took one look at my bad hair day – then one look at the sun and thought eff you I’m doing it!

kind of —…………….delay……………………….
Sorry about that, I was chatting with Qwux. He said he couldn’t think of a question either!

Takie — Hopeless. How’s the show looking for Thursday?

kind of — I think we have pretty much all the works. We got the newspaper the other day which looks killer, I love Wings design stuff.
HEY! How good is the framer hook up!!!

Takie — Dude! I was just talking about it – telling the boys – everyone’s well jealous of your hook up!

kind of — Ha ha, she’s no secret! I probably won’t mention her here, but you can let the boys know fo sho!

Takie — Will do – cheers Faz!!

kind of — Anytime!
Back to your show, you want to give a little explanation of your concept?

Takie — Good timing – I was just writing the concept for Wing – not that I’ve articulated it very well yet. But the show’s called ‘More is Never Enough’ and basically it’s me trying to build an idea of the people behind my portraits through the colour palette associated with them & supporting paintings. The seemingly banal elements that make up someone’s identity – like where they live and their favoured mode of transport are used to add another dimension to their character for the viewer. I guess I’m intrigued by the idea that no matter how well you know someone, how much time you spend with them and how familiar they are – you can never truly predict how they’ll behave. I’m super inquisitive by nature, usually full of questions – but no matter how much I uncover – it’s never enough, I always want more.

Takie — Sorry that wasn’t really ‘little’.

kind of — Ha ha, that was great!
I’ll be back in a minute.

Takie — No worries.

………… sidetracked…………..

kind of — I’m back!
Can we expect some more of your trademark coloured awesomeness?

Takie — Yeah you can! – colour overload as always – its all about contrast this time – super bright and bold.

kind of — Great! Ummmmmmm, anything else you want to add?
What’s going on for Takie in the future?

Takie — Ahhh next – well I’m doing some more mural commissions, then I’ve got a fashion based project I’m doing with a mate that I’m stoked about then hopefully heading to the shiny states of America and Central America at the end of the year – we’ll see though – as always I’ll just go with the opportunities that present themselves – I’ll keep you posted.
Oh and thanks a bunch for having me at kind of — can’t wait to install the show!

kind of — Hell yeah they’re good plans and damn man, thanks for showing with us!

Takie — Cheers! Catch you Thursday for covert framing operations!

kind of — Yes! Don’t let me forget that, we need go there after 11am. I’m so hyped to see those pieces framed.
OK, yep I think we done hey?

Takie — We’re done! Now I gotta go finish that motorbike.

kind of — YEW! See you Thursday dude!

Takie — LATER!

All photos by Robin Hearfield.