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Yis Goodwin, AKA ‘Nosego’ is a Philadelphia-based artist who mixes contemporary style with fine art techniques to create eclectic and energetic murals and illustration. Nosego is best known for his fun, reputedly childlike style street art – we talk to the young artist about his work, living and working in Philly and…

Where does the name “Nosego” come from?

In high school I came up with the name Nose, but later found out about other artist and writers that used the same name. So in efforts to have something of my own decided to take the first two letters of my last name Goodwin which created “Nosego”.

When and how did you start getting into illustration and further more street art?

 It all started when I was about 17.  I went to an art high school which was great and especially for learning the fundamentals. After years of painting  still life, and doing figure studies I needed an outlet, or just something new to explore with my art with… and that’s when street art came in for me.

How has growing up in Philadelphia influenced your work?

Philadelphia has been amazing! It’s a city where you can walk everywhere, and artists from other cities are constantly moving here and contributing to the art scene.  The support level is huge and you gain inspiration off of each others work! It’s rad!

Your style is unique, as are the characters which you paint. Where did the inspiration for this childlike aesthetic come from?

Thank you, For me it’s highly subconscious.  A lot of my imagery comes from a central character, animal, or object. Depending on what I’m recently listening too, watching, reading or even conversations I had earlier help my thought process and the rest seems to grow from that point on.

You do a lot of graphic design work, as well as painting murals and street  art. Which do you enjoy more?

Yes, I tend to do a fare amount of graphic design work, but I love painting murals more than anything! There’s something about  sharing my work on a larger scale surface that I absolutely love.  When I’m painting a mural I feel completely free, it’s as if everything that I have built up inside is released and turned into a painting.

Your work with the Philly Mural Arts Program is really amazing, how did you get into that?

Thank you! I got involved a couple years ago after sending some of the directors there tonnes of emails, ha ha.

Do you enjoy working with younger artists and students?

Yes I love it!  They always have a perspective on things that is often lost once we grow up.

Can you name an artist that has really influenced your work?

There are so many but Jeff Soto for sure!  Dabs and Myla, Jeff Soto, AJ Fosik, Barry Mcgee, Scott Albrecht, Chris RWK, Royce Bannon and Steve Powers.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently getting ready for a few shows, and I have a solo show currently running titled ‘Next Week’s Adventure’ at Paradigm Gallery.

Have you got any big plans lined up for the future?

My friends and I have this App company called Broken Compass Studios and are in production of our second completely hand painted game. The first one we released is ‘Catball Eats It All’, but stay tuned for a game about a whale named Rusty.