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Weekly updates

Poor old Lindsay Lohan. She has become nothing more than a semiotic tool for all tales and artworks that speak of the tragedy and futility of Hollywood and fame. It seems every other week some photographer or artist has used her to demonstrate this: images of her glazy eyed and melancholy, she’s a living, breathing Bret Easton Ellis character come to life.

This time around it is the artist Richard Phillips who has cast Lindsay in his short film ‘First Point’. Phillips has worked with the (once) actress and tabloid star before, on a 90-second video for Neville Wakefield’s ‘Commercial Break’ which had a very brief run during the 54th Venice Biennale. ‘First Point’ has been described as both a surf film and a film noir, “an exploration of the California dream and the Hollywood nightmare”, hence the inclusion of Lindsay. But the question remains, is it art? Phillips retorts: “Because of the actor and the popular culture dimensions of the project, it will give people — especially people in the art world — a real sense of instability with regard to my intentions. Is it a film? Is it an art video? It refuses to announce itself as either.” Nice save buddy. At any rate, Lindsay looks pretty great in this vid for someone of her… condition. Watch the trailer here.