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Weekly updates

I’m a sucker for an old photograph. I could easily spend hours flicking through the mountains of family albums we had – mainly to bask in the unparalleled cuteness of my infant self. There is certainly something nostalgic and slightly other-worldly about seeing physical memories in that form. Hell, when was the last time you picked up a set of prints from the pharmacy? It was a whole other world.

Luckily, that nostalgia and appreciation has not been lost. Vancouver-based artist Randy Grskovic has utilised the humble printed photograph as the medium for his latest series, Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future. Grskovic has taken a range of random, anonymous photos and sliced and rearranged them as a comment on the skewed nature of memories and truth. The result is a surprisingly modern and geometric image that makes you look at an otherwise pedestrian photo. As awesome as it all looks, I’d strongly suggest double-checking before slicing up your folks’ wedding photos. In the meantime, flick through the gallery above and head online to see more of Randy’s work.