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Weekly updates

We already showed you graffiti artist SEVER’s satirical mural on the death of street art, well now there’s coverage all over the net reporting on how he’s apparently taken his brush to the streetwear industry. Same concept, but now the pallbearers are made up of some of the big players of the streetwear biz: Mishka, Bathing Ape, Stussy, The Hundreds, X-Large and Freshjive. The label on the coffin has a glittering ‘streetwear’ sign which is an obvious reference to the Supreme box logo.

However, when I first looked at this photo my first response was that it was shopped as the logo characters look too perfect and the edges around the piece are blurred. Then I had a look at the old piece and it’s not hard to see that the bricks in the background are identical to the ‘new’ piece. I CALL SHENANIGANS!

UPDATE: Did some quick research and saw on the Mishka blog that the piece is a flip done by the artist Julio Battistelli AKA Yaiagift, who’s done design work for FUCT, Мишка and more. Looks like the interwebs is in some need of some fact checkers!