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These Instagram accounts are taking Simpsons fandom to another level

There's a specific Simpsons fan account for any situation

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There are few examples of a pop culture phenomenon that are as widespread or as ever-lasting as The Simpsons. It’s been 27 years since the series first episode aired and arguably 18 years since it began it’s slow decline, but the fandom that surrounds The Simpsons remains feverish.

The internet’s ability to establish and grow communities for fans has meant it’s been a home to Simpsons fandom for decades now. As social media’s role in how we view online content grows it’s platforms like Facebook and Instagram that are now housing fan accounts rather than dedicated message boards. It means you can now get fan made Simpsons content directly in your feed from very specific pages. The type of content on these pages ranges across a spectrum from the expected (memorable clips directly from the show) to the conceptual (existential screengrabs debating philosophy).

Whether you’re looking to express a visual mood or just tag a mate in a shitpost, Simpsons fan pages have proven to be a universal language so here we’ve gathered some of the most memorable.

01. Scenic Simpsons


‘Scenic Simpsons’ looks to the animated series as if it’s a gallery full of art. The account pulls individual frames from scenes and presents them purely for their visual merits. It’s also become one the most followed Simpsons fan account in just over a year.

02. Springfield Cuisine


‘Springfield Cuisine’ isolates and presents the shows many food moments. The account varies from food featured in famous plot points (the blowfish Homer thinks will be his untimely death) to background moments (a simple tv dinner). It’s a quick reminder of how much of a role food plays in the series.

03. The Simpsons Tattoo


While the past two accounts focuses on the show itself ‘The Simpsons Tattoo’ focuses on fans celebrating the show through tattoos. And there’s a lot. This is your number one resource if you ever decide to get a Simpsons tattoo, mostly because you can find out what’s already overdone.

04. Dank Simpsons

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‘Dank Simpsons’ is an account that you’re either immediately on board with or you’re not. It’s closer to a meme account than a fan account but worth mentioning for the way it mashes news, internet culture, and memes with moments from The Simpsons. It even builds meme culture around its own memes with a sense of escalation always present.

05. Existential Simpsons

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‘Existential Simpsons’ delves in to the show’s moments of philosophy, whether they were purposeful or not. This account is bleak af, but that’s part of the charm. Shoutout to Moe who features very, very regularly.

06. Simpsons Supply


Bootleg culture has surrounded The Simpsons since it’s heyday in the ’90s and continues to this day. ‘Simpsons Supply’ catalogues the best bootlegs from around the world and even links to the accounts where you can buy the products. How it hasn’t been shut down by Fox yet is a miracle that we all hope will continue.