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Yes, you read correctly. The Oscar nominated filmmaker is pulling together the likes of Kanye West, Samuel L. Jackson, and the yet-to-be-confirmed Common and John Cusack to create a film entitled Chiraq.

Chiraq is set to be a reimagining the classic Aristophanes play Lysistrata, a comedy originally performed in ancient Athens. The plot of Lyrsistrata revolves around the tireless and curiously proto-feminist efforts of a woman fighting to end the Peloponnesian war by banding together with other females and denying men access to their sacred lady parts until they negotiated peace. I don’t know why we don’t do this to end wars more often.

The official plot details of Lee’s reimagining have yet to surface, but it’s rumoured that the star fuelled film will cover the rapidly growing gun violence of Chicago, hence the name Chiraq. Lee, originally born in Atlanta, reportedly spent a day roaming around the city’s violent streets asking the locals a few questions and trying to grasp a deeper understanding of the ongoing challenges Chi-town is currently facing. We’re not too sure all it takes is a day in Chicago to understand the deeply entrenched rage of the city, but with the help of Chicago born rappers Kanye West & (hopefully) Common on board, let’s hope he’ll do better than his last film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. Does that flick sound familiar? Didn’t think so, it passed by with barely a word. You can check out the trailer for the low key Spike Lee joint that you may have missed in the gallery above.

Unfortunately, Chiraq isn’t expected to hit the big screen until 2016, but hopefully some more details will surface about the intriguing project very soon.


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