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There are plenty of great things about art books – they’re educational, they’re full of nice pictures and they add meaning, depth and context to artworks. On the downside they can also be heavy, expensive, and you might have to hire out an entire storage unit if you wanted to acquire 200 of them. Luckily, The Guggeinheim Museum has just released over 200 art books in the form of PDFs and ePublications available to download for free. The publications cover a range of different artists from Van Gogh to Picasso to more contemporary artists like Jenny Holzer. They also cover specific topics like gender in art and the relationship between art and technology, as well as books dedicated to different mediums like painting, photography and installation. If you’re studying art, work in the industry, or even just curious you can peruse the publications via archive.org. And if your thirst for art continues, or if you’d like to send a word of thanks to The Guggenheim for their role in increasing the accessibility of knowledge and information you can do so via their website.

Weekly updates