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Remember when photographer Ward Roberts released Courts 01 back in 2012? Well, he’s back and we’re happy about it. We’ve weirdly missed your pastel, sporting aesthetic. Courts 02 features a myriad of sporting courts from around the world, including Hong Kong, Bermuda, Hawaii, New York, and Melbourne.

There’s a real unity about the collection of images. “This is, in a sense, the most beautiful reflection of the essence of what makes his images so riveting, his art so powerful: he gives life to the spaces of photography, and photography to the spaces of life,” writes Jennifer Krasinski about the collection.

There will be two separate book releases of Courts 02; a standard edition and a collector’s edition. If you’re keen the special edition, you’ll have to act quickly; there are only 100 copies available. Aside from the books, some 23.4in x 23.4in prints will be available. A pastel-flavoured paradise for you room? Yes, please. For info, check out their website here. For now, check out some of the images from the collection in the gallery above – it’s an oddly satisfying experience.

Weekly updates