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This infrared photo series turns Rome into a pastel fantasy land

The Eternal City becomes your magic growing garden set

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Ahhh Roma, as old as it is beautiful, and nearly twice as expensive. But for a city stereotypically known for its ancient ruins and delectable cuisine, Rome, like most other cities, does experience its fair share of monotone colour schemes. After all, there’s only so much you can do with granite and marble.

Not to throw shade on The Eternal City, but every now and then a cheeky makeover is in order, and luckily Hungarian photographer, Milán Rácmolnár had just the thing in mind.

Armed with a vintage Nikon D3200, Rácmolnár has one-upped himself and added an infrared filter to capture this ancient metropolis in a gorgeous hue of pink.

This latest collection, Rome in Infrared showcases Rácmolnár’s affinity for giving the ordinary a vividly captivating touch. Like those Magic Growing Gardens you used to cop every birthday, the trees of Rome have been rapidly transformed into rosy, pink blossoms of colour, only there’s no infuriating clean-up job.

Check out this gorgeous collection of images above, or click here to see more.

To see more of Rácmolnár’s brilliant collections, visit his official Behance page here.

  • Images: Milán Rácmolnár
  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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