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First, we showed you hyperlapse videos from Tokyo and Singapore. Travel FOMO had been activated, right? Well, it was only a matter of time before the city of angels was included. Using two years of footage, filmmaker Joe Capra, who goes by the pseudonym Scientifantastic, achieves a stunning neon-lit, vibrant, panoramic hyperlapse of Los Angeles.

It’s fast-paced and chaotic at times; indicative of LA’s essence. Capra uses two synched DSLR camera, a custom rig and Ramper Pro to uncover the dazzling nightlife within the concrete jungle. The HD quality is immaculate. He covers some pretty iconic areas as well, such as the LACMA lights, Venice Canals and Rodeo Drive. Check out the hyperlapse, as well as our top ten stills from the panoramic video, in the gallery above. For more stunning vids, check out Capra’s other pieces via his Vimeo site here.

Weekly updates