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Start blowing the dust off your stashed LEGO pieces. Prepare to unleash your inner childhood desires. Designer Sariel, a self-described “big kid who still loves his Lego bricks”, is back with a new baby: a remote control Land Rover Defender 90. The new creation has four-wheel drive, four-speed transmission. PF XL motors powered by an 8878 battery runs the mini engine. If that isn’t impressive enough, it has little working turn signals. This is definitely the model you always wanted to build, but were never talented enough to do. Sorry.

Sariel’s previously known works include LEGO constructions of a Porsche and Beetle, but don’t be fooled; it doesn’t just stop at cars.

What a talent. Check out the vids and photos for the latest model in the gallery above. For more info on Sariel, head on over to his YouTube site, website and Twitter. This is seriously impressive stuff.

Weekly updates