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This robotic body-painting series is trippy AF

Hikaru Cho's Intimate Illusions photoseries

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And now we’ve seen everything. In the Japanese artist’s latest project, Intimate Illusions, Hikaru Cho culminates paint, machinery, and the human body into a stunning new photoseries.

Whether it be a dissolving back of butterflies or a literal body hole, body paint has never looked this trippy. The attention to detail is immaculate, adding an element of optical illusion to her creations. The spider web has to be a highlight; Cho manages to capture an essence of beauty and innocence within an ominous atmosphere. Contradictory, we know, but Cho’s work seems to exude this sense of endless illusion and ambiguity.

Through her paint and photography, Cho’s fascination with the deconstructed human body is palpable. Head on over to Cho’s website or Instagram for more stunning body-painting visuals. If this doesn’t get you inspired to start painting your body, we don’t know what will. Stay tuned for future trippy Hikaru Cho artwork.

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