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Back in 2012, Texas native Tim Doyle revealed the first part of his UnReal Estate series, where he draws iconic locations from his favourite classic cult tv series and films in his distinctive illustrative style. A previous instalment saw the town of Springfield in sinister yet eerily beautiful darkness. The blue hues of Doyle’s colour palette contrast to the bright colours we are used to associating with the Simpson fam.

In this latest body, Doyle has remained true and revisited the world of the Simpsons, as if he could resist. Set in the light of the moon, Doyle has reimagined Barney’s Bowlarama as well as Lionel Hutz’s “I Can’t Believe it’s a Law Firm”. Delving into slightly new territory, Doyle also explored the terrain of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which appears somehow even more magical in his illustrated starlight. Clearly a man with very good taste in cinema and television, Doyle even included a Rick & Morty-inspired illustration in this instalment. Beth and Jerry’s house is seen with a spacecraft in the garage and sneaky Rick’s silhouette in the window.

Totalling 10 designs, Doyle begins with his hand drawn pen and ink illustrations which he then scans and digitally colours in. Finally, Doyle screen-prints all his editions at home, using split fountains and glow in the dark inks to add a certain surrealness to each piece. The fifth instalment does not disappoint, further solidifying Tim Doyle in our pop culture loving hearts. Check out some of the collection in the gallery above.

Weekly updates