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An amazing video was released today from our buddy Ian ‘Kid Zoom’ Strange and his installation titled Home which appeared last year as a part of the Cockatoo Island project.  The piece was a remake of his childhood home. The man has come a long way since his Perth days but it seems him home still has a grip on him thematically. The film is truly impressive in both its production values and haunting cinematics. Great to see this guys go world class in yet another genre: video.

In October 2011, after three years living in New York, artist Ian Strange (Kid Zoom) returned to Australia to create a major new installation work housed in Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall. The exhibition featured a full-scale reproduction of his childhood home and a film documenting the violent destruction of three Holden commodores. This video documents what resulted. 

Home was a site specific installation exhibited at Cockatoo Island’s, Turbine Hall in Sydney, Australia and was on display from November 4th – December 11th 2011.

Also features excerpts from;
‘Untitled Film (Destruction of Three Holden Commodores)’
Single Take, 10min 15sec Loop
Digital Camera RED Epic
Ratio: 1:2,35