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As if your travel bug hadn’t been riled enough, right? NYC photographer Paolo Pettigani has just released his latest project ‘Infrared NYC’, a collection of Central Park images in infrared vision.  “A series of infrared/aerochrome photos to show Central Park from a different perspective,” says Pettigiani about the project. “The purpose is to highlight the majesty and the contrast of nature included in the famous Big Apple’s skyscrapers.”

The imagery evokes a sense of illusion; it’s as if Pettigani invites us into his surrealist dreamscape. The colours are shockingly vivid. Water, parklands, and construction intertwine. A previously unseen version of NYC has been unlocked.

Pettigiani announced the infrared project via his Instagram on May 19. Check out the series in the gallery above; we promise you’ll be searching for a one-way ticket to the Big Apple afterwards. Limited prints are available here.

Weekly updates