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Photographer Kelsey McClellan and creative stylist Michelle Maguire have stepped up the traditional fashion #OOTD and #foodporn snaps on social media by accessorising food alongside colourful attire in a delightfully enigmatic series called Wardrobe Snacks.

The photo series includes, but is not limited too, the likes of a pink blazer with a pink wafer, a velvety black coat with some liquorice, and even a lovely purple blouse and an oyster, creating a sense of artistic juxtaposition between such randomly chosen edible delights against variously hued clothing. Even the most unappealing of chosen foods appear photogenic and fitting, complementing its matching outfit.

Feeling inspired? The need to rush to your wardrobe to put together some matching outfits? Often the most simple concepts are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Swipe through the gallery above to see the entire series, and find more of McClellan’s photography at her online portfolio and Maguire’s work at her online portfolio.

Weekly updates