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The eerie contrast between the barren desert and the vivid neon colours of Maciek Jasik’s photographs has us entranced. Set in Death Valley, apparently the driest, hottest place in North America, the desert appears as some sort of other-worldly, desolate wasteland. Seems like the perfect place to photograph life and nature.

However, it is in these photographs that Jasik explores the ethereal relationship between life and death. Between the rock formations, and among the sand and cracked earth, blooms golden wildflowers. Photographed after rare, heavy rainfall, the vastness of Death Valley is broken up by glimpses of the yellow buds. This photo series depicts an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, and the beautiful resilience of nature appearing in places that you would least expect it.

Born in Poland and living in Brooklyn, Jasik states that through his photographs he is “seeking to understand society’s relationship with the natural world”. Interestingly, all the effects were produced in-camera to create these transcendental images.

Weekly updates