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Weekly updates

Without the advent of social media, there might have been no means of witnessing ourselves in our most debaucherous state i.e. any given weekend, for some. The bachelor party is one such event that, like its female equivalent, usually has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” mantra and even though many choose to upload their exploits online, there is still a level of curation – surely, a combo of common decency and Facebook/Instagram restrictions – that doesn’t tell you the full story of your mate’s last night as a single man.

Cue Jossi Bieber. Fascinated with capturing moments that are not to be mentioned ever agin, the photographer lets us in on the all boys’ club with the Bachelor Party series. And the results are, well, probably exactly what you imagined but might have preferred not to see – it’s that kind of ‘car crash’ captivating. But maybe the man himself puts it best:

“The last bachelor party I photographed was abruptly cut short when the groom was caught walking into a cowboy bar naked from the waist down. After refusing to leave, a scuffle ensued, and he was promptly arrested for indecent exposure. All documentation was lost when the police grabbed my camera and tore out the film. I tried to explain why I was photographing the party, but to no avail. Law enforcement did not believe anyone would want to produce this kind of work. According to the officer, ‘These stories are not to be told – let alone documented.”

See Bieber’s website for more work.