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Visual feed: Reilly’s genius logo mash-ups

Who knew Ikea and Miu Miu were meant for each other?

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Sometimes, a little cultural appropriation isn’t such a bad thing. Especially when it’s as harmless and fun as what Scottish-born designer, Reilly, has been up to. The London based creative has been gaining the amusement and laughter of art fans and high-end designers alike with his entertaining logo mash-ups. What started out as a cheeky experiment and an obsession with creating engaging content for his Instagram has turned into a mini art movement in itself.

Entitled, Fake News, Reilly’s logo mash-up series is inspired by the current proliferation of fake news and logomania saturating present day culture. He cheekily toys with logos we see in everyday life and merges them with logos from fashion’s loftiest echelons. Some of these brands he’s gone on to receive warm recognition from – recently, the creative head of Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche, posted Reilly’s reworking of the Dior logo with the Nike swoosh to his Instagram.

As the fashion industry has mellowed and become less uptight in recent history, brands have become more open to high-low collaborations and this is where creatives like Reilly have found their chance. Since Reilly’s arrival, he’s gone on to create campaigns for Gucci, Chloé and Paul Smith. Not bad for a guy who started out his career as a humble carpenter.

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