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Weekly updates

After much hype, Canberra’s Belcopalooza went down last weekend and proved that Australian skateboarding is alive and well. Belconnen is a behemoth of a skatepark and with a couple of surprises and wild cards thrown in on the day, it looked like a pretty rad weekend! If Tiger Airways couldn’t accommodate you cheaply enough to Canberra and you missed out, check the highlights above.

Belcopalooza 2013 Final Places:

1st Tommy Fynn (QLD)
2nd Tim Williams (VIC)
3rd Reece Warren (NSW)
4th Bjorn Johnston (NSW)
5th Matt Cheney (ACT)
6th Bugs Fardell (QLD)
7th Gabriel Summers (VIC)
8th Jack Kirk (VIC)
9th Max Couling (VIC)
10th Shane Azar (NSW)
11th Mitchell Howse (QLD)
12th Alex Campbell (WA)
13th Harry Clark (WA)
14th Andrew Brophy (VIC)

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