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As part of POW! WOW! Hawaii, Olek, a self described “old fashioned lady who crochets for a living”, has woven together an impressive installation to perch in front of Honolulu’s Art Museum.

Unlike any of those crocheted power poles and bike stands you see around the city that reek of renegade grandma chic, Olek’s crochet work is rad. Yep, you heard it here first, rad crocheting. In an ambitious move, she set out to crochet a traditional Hawaiian canoe, combining various motifs of the sea into a giant skull-emblemed sail, opening discussion on the grim fate of the surrounding oceans and seas.

Thanks to Anthologie, you can watch Olek explain her work in the video above. Scrolling through the gallery will give you insight into what POW! WOW! is all about, and you can also peep the Secret Walls x POW! WOW! contest that pits graff artists against one another.

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