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I barely like anyone sitting too close to me on public transport, let alone having to cuddle some random person on the street. But that is just the kind of resistance that photographer Richard Renaldi tries to break down, and comment on, in his photographic series “Touching Strangers.”

The photographer has dedicated an incredible six years to the project, in which he takes to the streets of New York City and selects random pedestrians to participate in an often intimate composition. In the video above, shot for CBS News, you can see how understandably awkward most people are when initially agreeing to having the photo taken, only to have them warm up and maybe having actual feels (and not the creepy kind) for their instant family/partner/ offspring.

Take a look at Renaldi and his subjects in the clip above. As the photographer himself puts it, “It’s kind of lovely.”

For the full range of images from “Touching Stangers” click here.

[via PetaPixel]