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Life doesn’t always run its course as planned. The Coke you bought gets stuck in the vending machine, the dart you threw just misses that bullseye, runny yolks bleed out of your almost-perfect fried egg. Our everyday lives are full of those not-quite-there moments.

‘Unsatisfying’ is a hilarious animation that compiles together all these little mundanities. The video directed by Parallel Studio has gone viral on Facebook over the past few days, and it’s no surprise – the annoyances it illustrates are super relatable.

But we can’t take ourselves too seriously, and in the long run missing that basketball hoop or dropping our jam toast (jam-side down) isn’t the end of the world… right? The melodramatic music that runs throughout the animation makes the frustration we feel from these moments seem ridiculous. ‘Unsatisfying’ is a video that’s all too real and sure to have you laughing.

  • Words: Maki Morita

Weekly updates