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Having illicit drugs on your person has never been easier, with the introduction of the Designer Drugs range by Canada-based jewellery manufacturer Aroha Silhouettes.

Inspired by the various drug experiments performed on spiders by NASA, each neck-piece by New Zealand-born designer Tania Hennessy aims to boldly portray the euphoric disarray accomplished by both legal and illicit substances. These ‘wearable vices’ depict molecular reconstructions of these drugs, made to be worn and not ingested (in case you still thought otherwise).

Desperately seeking a creative outlet to balance her previous nine-to-five laboratory job, Hennessy has relished the opportunity to re-appropriate her scientific endeavours: “I’ve spent three years designing real-world molecules, so it was fun to challenge the constraints of reality and really push the boundaries.” Bong on Tania, bong on.

Such boundary-pushing items include the ‘Overdose’ and ‘Tripping Balls’ necklaces, which combine LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, cocaine, DMT and THC into asymmetrical reconstructions that will have you believing that the walls are breathing and your desk-lamp is making faces at you.

But if hard drugs aren’t your thing, the ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ necklace may satisfy the more mundane, mum-friendly vices.

Ed Gurr


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