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WYD: This week’s roundup of the local art scene, March 22

A range of group and solo shows with a side of workshops

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Weekly updates

I had plans last night to go to life drawing at Neon Parlour in Thornbury with a few friends. Instead, old mate asthma decided to get me extra wheezy and I’ve been chained to my inhaler instead of hitting up galleries. Sure, there are pros to this. I started re-watching Orange is the New Black and appreciated all over again Piper deciding that she will make the most of her time in prison by getting ‘crafty’. In doing this, she says she will make her time count. I’m hopefully not off to prison anytime soon but I do intend to be crafty and make my time count. And I encourage you to do the same, so without further ado, your weekly roundup of popping galleries is waiting for you just below.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. Pieces of Matter - Melbourne

Class is in session folks, thanks to the talented Vexta. Coming over from the states, the Pieces of Matter workshops allow participants to get into some hands-on art making, with guidance from the master herself. Through a series of activities, an exploration into deeper themes is coupled with skill training that you can’t get anywhere else.

Additionally, there will be the chance to put it all to practice in a collaborative mural, on a theme the class will select – sounds pretty good to us. Oh, and everyone gets an exclusive and signed Vexta print (also known as the cherry on top). You can suss tickets here and be sure to hit up her site for more details.

02. Look Both Ways - Melbourne

Drew Pettifer’s upcoming show is one that will get audience members ensuring that they ‘Look Both Ways.’ Ever critical, Pettifer brings viewers’ attention to the influence of the male gaze and the way it effects the manner in which people function. Moreover, he explores the way the queer gaze shifts photographer and subject dynamics, making for a very thought-provoking collection of photos. Hosted by our good friends at KINGS Artist-Run in the city, be sure to check out the Facebook page for the full scoop.

After all, this isn’t just any exhibition—it signifies a finished PhD, which is pretty damn impressive, to say the least.

PhDone. Design by the incredible @lachysiu. #phd #photography #thegaze #art #almostkilledme #monash

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03. Queer art show + gig - Fitzroy

There is power in unity. The Old Bar is set to host Rebecca Kate’s Queer. Really, the name of the event says it all. It’s an art show and a gig, but the ethos behind it speaks volumes. Creating a safe space for creatives to show off their work and additionally show love to the LBGTQIA+ family, the lineup is looking too good to be true.

With performance art, spoken word poetry, four bands and 28 artists, this isn’t one to be missed. Take a look at the Facebook event for the rest of the scoop and make sure you suss the lengthy artist lineup—after all, we can’t wrap this post up without mentioning the show’s cover art was done by the talented Andy Leaf, whom you can check out here.

04. Life Drawing - Sydney

The good people at Tech Gallery open their doors every Wednesday from 7pm until 9pm. There’s wine, a creative atmosphere, and naked people. What more could you ask for? As it’s a weekly thing, there isn’t an event that we would usually link in at this point. Instead, we’ll just guide you over to their site for more details on life drawing.

All ranges of talent are welcome and tools are provided, so hit one of your friends with a ‘WYD’ message or just make your way down to Tetch Gallery solo—either way, you’re in for a good time.

05. Traverse - Queensland

Karryn Lesley is set to be the first artist to grace the brand new space 88 Gallery is opening up. Traverse brings an exploration of narratives around feminine strength to the waterfront gallery for a show that will guide viewers down a path of self-discovery. Touching on idyllic beauty and female associations with nature, Lesley’s work draws on dreams, metaphors, folklore, poetry and music, just to name a few. Be sure to take a look at the Facebook event for the rest of the details on the opening night this coming Friday.