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WYD: Your pick of prime exhibitions from around the block, March 8

Channeling that classic Budweiser 'wazzup' advert

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Many of us are familiar with the Budweiser classic ‘wazzup’ ad, even if only the spin-off in Scary Movie that jogs your memory of it. My sister’s boyfriend recently linked me the ‘what are you doing’ version, and I have a feeling you can see how that fits in here. It’s a pretty funny take on the idea we talk about a lot in this space—seeing what your friends are up to, checking in on what your neighbourhood artists are working away at, and getting some fiery inspiration into your week. Be it a ‘WYD’, a ‘wazzup’, or even a ‘what are you doing?’, it’s that notion of linking and sharing something special that we are 100% here for. That is correct, true?

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. Quarter Past One - Melbourne

Sam Wong is bringing a year’s worth of work to the walls of No Vacancy gallery for his latest show, Quarter Past One. Okay, this is such a cool concept for a show, which is, of course, no surprise as we are talking about Sam Wong here, but brace yourselves.

Wong turned his lens to one of Melbourne’s busiest street corners over a year ago and kept it there ever since. In doing so, he has captured the magic in the mundane and the coming and goings of all walks of life that have slipped by. Using the power of unpredictability, the project captures all that takes place in the same spot at quarter past one.

In arms with Budweiser, Capi, and the City of Melbourne, Wong presents an exhibition that shows off his inventive side, and his ability to find beauty in the everyday. Be sure to suss the full details on No Vacancy’s site, as the opening night will feature a book launch as well.


02. To End An Echo & Group Show - Brunswick

Jay Jaylo is putting out the kind of work that makes you stop and say ‘woah’. Having studied fine arts in the Philippines, Jaylo has since forged his own identity in the ever-changing world of art. Drawing often from his own experiences and using art to have his voice heard, his upcoming exhibition To End An Echo explores self-illumination.

In addition to his solo exhibition, beinArt gallery will also see the opening of If Our Words Fail Us, as curated by Jaylo.

Showcasing works from Linnea Strid, Olan Ventura, Daniel dela Cruz, Rain Delmar, Welbart, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Henry Royales, Ross Jaylo, and Fernan Odang, the full details on both of the popping exhibitions can be found here


03. I Think About This All The Time & Happiness as Religion - Waterloo

Creating a hub for creativity, markets, community events and workshops, the newly opened COMMUNE Waterloo on Bourke Street is where it’s at. Made up of two 100-year-old warehouses, the space provides the perfect blank canvas for Georgia Hill and Elliot Routledge’s respective shows.

For Hill, it’s a chance to put her large scale murals in the spotlight. With the work for I Think About This All The Time spanning over the past 18 months, the actualisation of the murals in one place will prove the scale of dedication that goes into her work.

Routledge’s Happiness as Religion takes one of the most sought after emotions and challenges it as an object or idol. Exploring the challenges of both life and death, and the in-between struggle for peace and happiness in life, this exhibition comes in with a series of installations.

Not to mention the two artists have recently linked up on some large scale projects, making this a very fitting celebration of their respective grinds. Be sure to suss the Facebook event for more details.

04. Small Arrangements - Brunswick

It’s one thing to share poetry on the internet, and the bravery in doing so is undeniable, but it’s another thing entirely to perform spoken poetry to a crowd of strangers. Enter Sally and Jane of Hope Street, who are bringing together a vibrant range of poets from around the block to present ‘Small Arrangements’.

With a booklet showcasing the artists’ work and the chance to have a go on the open mic, the event is sure to be nothing short of magical. With the ethos of sharing work and encouraging others to do so as well, this event perfectly embodies all that we try to promote here—creating and sharing without judgement in a progressive space. Be sure to take a look at the Facebook page for the full scoop on this exciting initiative.

05. Siri, Define Beauty... - Sydney

The good people at Interlude Gallery are set to showcase an exhibition that brings several artists to the same quizzical point. Pondering the intensification of digital representations of nature, ’Siri, Define Beauty…’ opens up virtual environments for investigation.

With works from Eliya Cohen, Sophie Penkathman-Young, Duncan Brown, and Matthew Roll, the range of pieces delve into the relationships with technology in our urban setting. With such an exciting range of mediums, such as video, sound, 3D printing and more, this is one you definitely want to ask Siri to put a reminder in your phone for (and you can suss the Facebook event here).