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WYD: Your snapshot of local galleries, October 6

Just a slice of what's popping in the local art scene

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This weekend sees the opening of The Art Of Banksy in Fed Square. As an artist so elusive, Banksy doesn’t even have a Facebook page nor does he need one. What he does have is a style that people pick up on, that he has trademarked and subsequently made into something of a movement. For us, we get the same amount of hype by checking out new art as we do the established. Whilst it’s dope to see someone who’s nailed their style, it’s just as exciting to see those who are figuring it out, and are still brave enough to put stuff out there amidst this process. So be sure to flick through the galleries below to take a look into the journey of local creatives.

01. INITIATION - Fitzroy

The latest show by BSIDE Gallery stands as an exploration of social expectations of masculinity. INITIATION, by Chuck Mayfield, acts as a visual journey across masculine archetypes in order to expose the myths and to delve into deeper self-awareness. “There are various reasons why the subject of masculinity has drawn my attention enough to inspire a body of artwork,” said Mayfield.

“At a personal level I’ve come to understand that there are problems in my life which are rooted in my masculine identity, and their truths can only be unveiled by approaching them as such.” Be sure to take a look at the Facebook event for the full details on the opening night.

02. and the earth sighed - NSW

Hosted by Articulate Project Space, ‘and the earth sighed’ explores the links between nature and culture through ariel views of Australian landscapes and waterways. This, teamed with an immersive video and sound presentation, allows views to reflect on nature and it’s relationship with technology. Artists Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski will also be coming in for a talk later in the month, so be sure to check out the Facebook event for the opening night details.

03. Animation+ - Fitzroy

Junior Space has been home to some of our favourite exhibitions in the past, and this October holds just as much promise. Titled Animation+, the show is set to bring ten local and international contemporary animators into the spotlight. With a focus on works that carry a humorous tone, the opening night will be helped along by Sample Brew. Animations will be screening alongside a print from each artist, in order to capture the amount of labour that goes into each individual frame. Be sure to head over to the Facebook event for more details, as the exhibition will take place inside a purpose-built installation—so it’s safe to assume it’s going to be impressive.

Animation+ opens tomorrow night. This work is by Neil Sanders. Massive install day ahead!

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04. Animal - Melbourne

Nicholas Projects are back at it again for their October show featuring Troy Emery, Ramesh Nithiyendran and Vipoo Srivilasa (pictured above). Titled ‘Animal’, the show will be officially opened by Isobel Crombie, the ssistant Director of Cutorial and Collections Managment at the NGV. Each artist carries a completely different style, so the show is set to be as dynamic as it is captivating. Make sure you take a look at their Facebook event for more details on the upcoming opening night.

05. LAMB on GORE - Fitzroy

With 20 artists work up for show, LAMB on GORE is looking huge. This group exhibition doubles as a zine stall, meaning the participating creatives work will be on full display. The exhibition will be helped along by the musical talents of Mammalade and Sadults, as well as the most talked about 9-piece rap-jazz-band in Melbourne, The Stranger Suite. The lineup of artists is so big that it would probably take over this post on its own, so be sure to hit up the Facebook event for the full scoop.