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Weekly updates

There’s isn’t much left of October and we all know that once it hits November, the count down to the end of the year really kicks into gear. So basically, it’s pretty much summer as far as we’re concerned. And it’s pretty easy to believe so, since the local art scene is really kicking into over drive. Yep, no one is really showing any signs of slowing down and we couldn’t be happier. This week’s look into the art shows around the block has got more live art than we could ask for, a pretty dope “outside of the box” metaphor and some serious dot work. For those of us who have been in hibernation mode after the Longest Winter Ever, the weather is decreasingly becoming an excuse to stay home so it’s worth a sing your mates “WYD” text and getting out there because, clearly, there’s plenty to see.

Do you have a fresh art show coming up? Slide in our DMs for the opportunity to be featured in a future WYD.

01. Outside the Box - Collingwood

The good people at Just Another Agency have pretty much fucked the game up with their most recent exhibition. Featuring 100 Australian based artists, the prelude to the opening night allowed viewers an insight to the talent and different creative styles of all those participating. Each artist was given eight hours and the same materials as each other to complete their pieces over the course of October in at No Vacancy Gallery. The workspace was open to the public too, but now it’s time to bring the final pieces together for the opening night at Just Another Agency.

Outside the Box is an exhibition on a new wave, where every artist is on the same playing field, regardless of income, access to materials, style, or technique. Be sure to head over to the Facebook event for more details.

02. Uncouth Occasion - Sydney

Name a better way to spend a Sunday than eating tacos, listening to live vinyl, sipping on a margarita whilst watching live art. We’ll wait.

The crew at Culture Magazine have joined forces with Free Radical TV to bring The Lord Gladstone the most lit live art show known to man. We’re not sure what’s better, that margaritas are $10 or that you can get two tacos for the same price. Luckily you don’t have to choose because with prices like that you can pull the same move as advertisings MVP and just “porque no los dos” it.

With live art on showcase by the likes of Kale Neville, Luka Raubenheimer and Emily Ebbs, it’s a smashing opportunity to experience the beauty of individual artistic processes as they unfold before your eyes. The event is looking huge so we really don’t need to sell it you much further than that. Take a look at the Facebook event and you’ll see what we mean.

03. Remembered Death Forgotten Youth - Prahran

Matthew O’Brien doesn’t shy away from the facts. With his latest show at Enough Space standing as an exploration of the ideas around death and the symbolism of youth, he challenges these concepts by bringing these two contrasts together in his work. In this, he juxtaposes motifs of death with happy memories to question the way society associates death with sadness.

Titled Remembered Death Forgotten Youth, the exhibition showcases O’Brien’s take on the expression “memento mori,” which translates to “remember that you have to die.” Of course, that sounds kind of serious but the whole point is to move beyond the pre-emptive negative connotations of death. Oh, and not to mention it’s sponsored by Young Henrys and Sailor Jerry, so there’s plenty to be happy about.

As his first solo show, there’s no doubt that the work O’Brien has been putting is immeasurable. Take a look at the video below and you’ll see what we mean, and be sure to check out the Facebook event for more info.

04. Goldfinger - Fitzroy

There’s no doubt that the work Lé Grizz is churning out, both on and off the street, has been nothing but gold. His latest show, titled Goldfinger, is centred around the artist’s take on ’60s inspired pieces that flex a psychedelic vibe. When we say it’s going to be huge, we’re not just talking about the immensity of the work alone. Rather than just being confined to a gallery space, the show spans the entire laneway en route to Lane’s End, to give viewers a real insight into the workings of the artist both in a gallery context and outside.

With support from 42 Below, Young Henrys, AS Colour, and Redwood Press, the show is set to impress so be sure to peep the Facebook event for the full scoop.

05. Kiel Tilman Live Art - Brisbane

Our friends at The Culprit Club have linked up with Winn Lane to present LIVE ART by the notorious Kiel Tillman.

With a resume boasting brands like Corona, Rhythm and Oakley, this Gold Coast local reps a passion for creating that shines through in all his pieces. Working across both drawn and digital mediums, Tillman is no stranger to the exhibition lifestyle having hosted shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. As a part of Valley Fiesta, the show is one of the hot spots set for the festival for music, arts and food over the weekend of October 28-30.

Tillman is set to put his skills on live display, painting from midday to 4, alongside a charity auction of his works. This, along with a pop-up bar (beers), music and food from Ben’s Burgers guarantees a good time. Oh, and the event is free just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better. be sure to head over to their Facebook event for more details.