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WYD: Your weekly snippet of the local art scene, February 23

Artistic inspo from every corner of the country

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Weekly updates

For a certain percentage of the state’s population, the next few days mark the start of a new uni semester. Many have already headed back to school, clocked into lectures that make two hours seem like ten, and tutes that even a 15-minute coffee break can’t save. It’s a repetitive slug at times, but the core principle of learning and garnering knowledge is pretty dope. But one thing to note is that the mould—the “go to uni, get a job, get a house etc” mould that is—has pretty much broken for good. I read somewhere that the younger generations are likely to try six jobs before finding a ‘career.’ Even the word career is kind of outdated, it’s not that simple anymore. You really don’t have to pick one thing and be good at that one thing and make money and provide a living of that one thing. You can do a couple of things!

There are heaps of talented artists, many included in the list below, who juggle a day and night kind of lifestyle. I’d argue that the majority of people included below have a few side hustles on the go. With that said, it’s a grand old idea to check out the work they’ve been putting in, the art that has been created, and get a taste of some inspiration that might just make your week a bit more colourful.

And, if you see a uni student asleep on the city loop, maybe just give them a little nudge awake. You never know, it could be me.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. Pareidolia - Collingwood

Kyle Platts knows how to put in work. Over the course of his three-month stay in Melbourne, the London-based artist has put together a brand new exhibition centred around ‘Pareidolia.’ Known as the ability of humans to recognise patterns in random data and envision faces in inanimate objects, Pareidolia makes for a pretty interesting exploration point. From here, Platts uses this retired survival instinct in recognising faces to create a narrative of his own. The line showcases a series of images and words that allow the reader to subconsciously invent patterns and faces that allude the meaning of the piece as a whole

Yep, this one is all about the eye of the beholder, as Platts challenges his audience to rethink the way they see, well, anything.

Hosted by our friends at Spares Store, it would be rude to not mention the sale that coincides with the gallery. We’re talking a little bit of end of season love and there will be free beer. Need we say more? You can take a look at the event details in full here and be sure to check out the rest of Platt’s repertoire here.

Nangs anyone?

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02. 823 - Perth

It seems that just about every bone in Ta-ku’s body is a creative one. Coming in as the second instalment of his residency with FORM Gallery, the Perth beatmaker presents his film collection, 823. The launch night will also feature a Q&A with the producer and photographer, who has been making waves across Australia from day 1.

Additionally, there will be an exhibition of photos by Ta-ku and videos from Sam Prince. This one is, unfortunately, going to be short-lived. Finishing up this Saturday, be sure to head to the Facebook page on the ASAP for all the details on the opening night.

03. A Girl's Gotta Eat - Fitzroy

It’s NEDA—National Eating Disorders Awareness week, and it’s never been more needed. We live with an unprecedented influx of images of the ideal, a constant stream of unattainable perfection that can lead to very unhealthy thoughts and habits. Moreover, the myth that eating disorders are all caused by social pressures only showcases the need for greater awareness on the range of ED’s.

In light of this, young Ivana Brehas has taken it upon herself to bring ‘A Girl’s Gotta Eat’ to the Grace Darling Hotel. Hosting a rich lineup of eleven artists, the night is set to put ‘self-love’ in the spotlight.

Helping the vibes along will be Alias on the decks, and performances by Tali MahoneyKylie Chirunga and everyone’s favourite nine-piece rap jazz band, The Stranger Suite. It’s not every day that such a fresh group of young creatives coalsece—and for such a good cause too—so be sure not to sleep on this one. You can suss the Facebook event here, and find more info on NEDA here.


04. Open House - Brisbane

The upper studios of House Conspiracy have been closed off in recent times. Now, the doors are finally open and the team are having their first residency showcase, titled ‘Open House.’ Having only started up late last year, the evolution of this project holds great promise already. Striving to create a space for Brisbane artists to share their work and celebrate others, the studio has already had great success with their opening earlier this year.

Showcasing works from Annelize Mulder, Ben Warren, Liam Herne and Unqualified Design, weeks of hard work have finally amassed a collection that we are sure will set the team off in good stead for 2017. Be sure to take a look at their Facebook event for the full scoop.  


05. Fieldnotes - Melbourne

One of Melbourne’s most iconic street artists, Deams, is bringing his work to the walls of No Vacancy Gallery. As an exploration of the artistic narrative, ‘Fieldnotes’ delves into the realm of conceptual recognition and gets pretty deep from there. As one of the founding members of the infamous AWOL crew, Deams has earned his stripes. Having focused more recently on the exhibition side of life, this upcoming show has us pretty excited.

Along with beats from Tim Heaney, there’s plenty of hype around this one on our end so be sure to suss their website for the full scoop.