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While the former-Twilight fan-fiction may have awakened the tame sexual interests of people the world over, the impending film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey has come under fire for a number of reasons. Besides the obvious question of ‘how can this stay true to the source material and not just be straight up porn?’, there’s also the question of exactly how much of a good idea it is for E L James, a complete stranger to the BDSM scene, to broadcast vivid, violent and often warped sexual conduct to people as a form of escapism without consulting those communities on appropriate boundaries and safety precautions.

Naturally, the result is material that, while tapping into repressed fantasies for many, also comes across as normalising abusive scenarios and at some points, straight up romanticising victimhood at the hands of a sociopath. Grassroots campaign against female objectification Collective Shout has compiled many cases against the film, from a White Ribbon campaign to a preschool premiere but this latest photo series, lifted from Nash Scribblings’ Tumblr, takes actual quotes from the book series and throws them against the film poster’s format. While a lack of context is a given here, it’s still disturbing that these excerpts appear in a book essentially being hailed as a domestic porthole into romanticised sexual violence. Peep them above and, if you feel passionate about their cause, make sure you share some love with Collective Shout. You can join them, donate or otherwise engage with them on their website. The film adaptation premieres on Valentine’s Day which, regardless of your opinion on the subject, is an astounding publicity feat.