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Weekly updates

This week, the Pornhub team took to Reddit to answer the many, many questions people were sure to have about their line of work. We knew it would be nothing less than an all open, no limits, pun filled forum, and boy were we right.

Beneath the countless sexual innuendos, job proposals, and just plain random Reddit stuff, there was actually some pretty interesting information being discussed. You can learn a lot from this forum, from what it means to work for an international porn site to what’s in store for those dedicated viewers in the near future.

We’ve put together a list of things we found interesting but trust me when I say, there’s a whole lot more where that came from. Check out the full conversation here.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

01. While you watch Pornhub, Pornhub is watching you

It’s a little bit scary to think about it but they actually know how long each user watches each video and when they click out of the screen. The guys at Pornhub say that spending too long on a video is generally a negative sign, but so is spending not enough time. They use this data to string together their ‘hottest’ video listings and continue to collect it so that you can watch the best videos.

02. How long do you last?

It’s a common question, how long is the average time for a man to last in bed? Scientists (if you call them that) have been researching for years about what the average time is, and how long will be long enough to make your lady, or man, happy. PornHub has been doing the same thing. They’ve been painstakingly gathering information about each user’s visit, to determine what the average time spent per video is, as well as the average time per visit. I’m not too sure how to interpret the results, but they say on average a user spends five minutes per video and about eight minutes per visit.

03. Pornhub and Censorship

Porn is already quite a controversial subject, but add in the factor of increasing censorship and you may one day never see people getting it on, on your computer screens again. When asked what the biggest threat to the porn industry was, Katie, Pornhub’s community coordinator, wittily replied, “your mum”. But on a serious note, it turns out censorship could not only ruin people’s weekly action but put an end to it all together.

04. The Office at Pornhub

It’s quite easy to forget that PornHub is actually a professional workplace, and they “aren’t all naked and having sex with each other”. The office is actually like any other office, just maybe 10 times more fun. They have TVs with gaming consoles, pool tables, foosball machines, and even wine glasses for those tough days. Check out their office here.

05. Porn and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Porn is going to play a huge part in the future of adult gaming and entertainment. You could call it the future of porn. But did you know men have quite a difficult time keeping it up when filming VR scenes because they have to wear heavy, awkward, gear on their chests in order to film it? Unfortunately, the guys at Pornhub don’t think VR porn will replace the ease of loading videos on a basic player, for a long time, but it’s definitely something you can look forward to.

06. Weightless Sex

Pornhub was recently seeking funding for an idea they had — sex in space. Appropriately named, Sexploration in Space, they only reached 10% of their funding goal on Indigogo, and so the idea had to be put on hold and all the people who donated were refunded. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t still trying to achieve weightless sex. There’s high hopes for this movie to become a real thing in the near future.