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Ever take a selfie where everything is just looking so on-point and next-level Instagram/Snapchat-worthy, to the point where you kind of want to the create a 3D model of that captured moment where lighting, facial expression, head tilt and smize were all working in perfect harmony?

Believe it or not, this could actually be a legitimate, doable thing in the future. Have a look at a video recently released by Adobe showing a new app called 3D Portraits, which recognises faces, hair, eyes, and mouths, and allows you to turn 2D photos into printable 3D models. It’s ridiculously cool, and makes you feel all awe-struck at the things technology can do. And although the invention sounds like a bit of a novelty, it could actually prove to be highly beneficial for industries such as video-game development and CGI design.

The app is in really early stages at the moment, having only just been presented at an Abode Max Sneaks event, where the company showcases all the cool things they’re coming up with inside their development labs. Have a look at the video in the video in the gallery above, and prepare to be amazed.

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