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Lovers of early ’90s video games and transaction fees rejoice – some Australian hobby hackers have worked out a way to combine your passions.

Internet-renowned engineer and scrap-metal cultivator Aussie50 has teamed up with fellow YouTube tinkerer Julian to develop a functioning version of the classic first-person shooter game DOOM on an ATM screen.

While it’s not yet perfect, they’ve managed to get the side buttons responding to weapon choices (yes, the BFG makes an appearance) with plans for touch-screen and keypad optimisation.

Why? Probably just because they can.

It’s not the first DOOM-based project Julian has attempted. Earlier this week, he featured a video of the iconic game running on a colossal LED billboard.

It might not seem particularly impressive given that modern mobile phones can run far more sophisticated games in your palm, but there is still something inherently cool in being able to say you reprogrammed a money machine into a demon murder simulator.

For less progressive engineering fun, check out Aussie50’s unpatented self-destructing washing machine.


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