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If you’ve been subject to any media this weekend (local, international, real, fake) you should be well aware of the fact the Donald Trump has officially commenced in his role as president of the United States. Depending on the company you keep, the reception to this could either be overwhelmingly positive or negative but either way, people all over the world are making their feelings known about America’s 45th president.

One man who always manages to put a positive spin on a shitty situation is comedian, writer, and actor, Aziz Ansari. His turn as host of Saturday Night Live was scheduled for the inauguration weekend, which was a pretty ideal time for him to inject a little bit of his poignant sense of humour into the discussion. His opening monologue tried to find some light in the already bleak presidential term while reminding the American citizens to continue to respect each other (except for undercover racists who should maybe just start respecting everyone else).

If you’re still due for your dose of positivity this morning, hit play on the video below and get into more of the weekend’s best skits via Facebook.

Weekly updates