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Dying to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well, you’ve still got just under a year to go before it hits screens but while you wait, porn mogul Axel Braun has given lovers of comics and stilted sex scenes a new lease on the franchise. Batman v Superman XXX is the latest straight-to-DVD offering from Braun (you may know him from Batman XXX: A Porn Parody or This ain’t Avatar XXX) and it’s out now.

Surprisingly, the trailer actually makes the film look less cringeworthy than expected. Batman’s cowl is worn by Giovanni Francesco who is actually a highly trained martial artist and shows his skill when taking out a group of Joker’s thugs in the trailer. There is also a quick appearance from Carrie Kelley about 50 seconds in. Fans of the comics will know her as the new Robin in Frank Miller’s classic 1986 saga The Dark Knight Returns. That’s some serious adherence to canon considering this is a sex flick bootlegging a franchise. It also seems like it would be a hell of a lot more fun to watch than the real upcoming film which so far looks to be another overly gritty, overly moody reboot.

See some other nods to the Batman and Superman mythos in Axel Braun’s trailer above and grab it on DVD-only from supported retailers now (if that’s your thing).

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