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Since comedian Hannibal Buress brought it up in his act in October last year, the controversy over Bill Cosby’s alleged history of sexual assault has been steadily brewing. At this point, it seems that things will soon be coming to a head, as documents of sworn testimony from 2005 have been released by Associated Press. The documents indicate that Cosby demonstrated intent to give drugs to women that he wanted to sleep with.

In the documents, Cosby admits to having procured quaaludes, a sedative and hypnotic drug that has long been discontinued due to its harmful nature. For context, this is the very same drug that was depicted as causing Leonardo Dicaprio’s Jordan Belfort in The Wolf Of Wall Street to fall into a state of near paralysis, and his admission lines up with the piling accusations that Cosby has a penchant for drugging and raping women. While he initially completely denied any wrongdoing, at the moment, Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by over 40 women.

After the documents were unsealed, R&B singer Jill Scott, a former proponent and friend of Cosby’s, took to Twitter to air her grievances against the man. Scott, who had Cosby introduce her while receiving her honorary doctorate from Temple University in 2014, said she was “completely disgusted” with his actions, having previously defended him to this point.

Scott chose to reserve judgement of the man until she believed that a form of definitive proof had come to light, saying that “many African American men are detained &/or imprisoned for crimes without evidence”. Scott finally tweeted out “I stood by a man I respected and loved. I was wrong. It HURTS!!!”, a sentiment that many friends and fans of Cosby’s alike can relate to in light of these very disturbing admissions. While this is indeed a breakthrough for the victims, there is surely much more to be revealed in the coming months, as the eyes of the media and the public turn back to this concerning case.

In the meantime, you can view the newly-released document here.


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