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The annual contest to find the sexiest derrière in Brazil has been tainted by scandal after two contestants were accused of paying off judges to secure first and second places.The contest, which is in its third year, has produced several national celebrities with title holders often going on to earn hundreds of thousands in endorsements and appearance fees. With the grande finale set to take place next month, Brazil’s O Dia Newspaper has sent the competition proceedings in to chaos with the accusations of bribery and fake bum implants.

Blonde beauties Mari Sousa, 25, and Eliana Amaral, 24, are among 15 finalists in the running to be crowned Miss Bumbum 2013 and have found themselves at the centre of the controversy, with fellow contestant Poliana Lopes claiming the two have bribed judges to secure their placings. Ms Lopes told the Daily Mail UK “It’s no longer a secret to anyone that Miss Bumbum has been bought and already has a winner, Mari Sousa”, claiming Ms Sousa had paid a large amount to be crowned the competition’s winner. The O Dia newspaper’s story also reported that Ms Amaral, a law student representing the northeastern state ofPernambuco, had allegedly paid organisers around £18,000 (roughly AU$30,000) for second place.


Left: Eliana Amaral Right: Maria Sousa

Perhaps an even worse claim has come to light in the O Dia newspaper’s story, with the allegations suggesting Ms Amaral’s impressive derriere is not entirely natural. Which of course, if proven true is an eliminating factor.

Despite the prize for the owner of the best bottom only receiving 1,500 Pounds prize money (AU$2,500) and 20,000 in modelling contracts ($AU34,000) it’s the promise of fame and fortune that has no doubt led to the alleged in-house corruption.

There have been calls to boycott the Bumbum finale from upset contestants who have no doubt worked hard to mould and tone their booties. Contestant Sheyla Mell took to the internet to voice her dissatisfaction, ‘As you know Miss Bumbum already has a winner (not because of her own merits, but by other means). I want to thank everyone for voting for me, but we’re in Brazil where everything has a price. I’m annoyed because all the other contestants have worked hard, only to find out that a winner has already been chosen. Don’t waste any more time voting for me.’

Ms Sousa, the contestant who is supposed to have already won Miss Bumbum also took to Twitter saying ‘Whatever God wants. In truth only he knows what tomorrow brings.’ You can take a look at the Miss Bumbum promo video above and decide for yourself who deserves to win. It’s so hard, they are all so talented.

Jamie-Maree Shipton 

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