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You may or may not remember the incident which made 18-year-old Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. And rightly so. In October last year, the Brisbane teen went on a verbal tirade, racial abusing a security guard on an Ipswich line train. Although it has almost been a year since the unprecedented attack, the video, which is in our gallery above, is still rather confronting and hard to watch. Luckily, justice has been served.

Today, Russell-Boumzar has been handed a two month suspended sentence by the courts, who labeled his actions as “un-Australian.” While the defence argued that the teen had a history of drug abuse and was on ice at the time, he merely avoided going straight to prison due to already having served 68 days behind bars for other convictions prior to the event. The judge also took into account the fact the teen had gained employment and had a strong support system highlighted by his mother, grandmother, and girlfriend being in attendance at court. Boumzar has been ordered to 12 months of probation for a number of other offences and will be subject to random drug tests during this time.

We sure hope the court’s ruling demonstrates to the public the serious nature of the events that took place and how it is widely discouraged for anyone to act in such vulgar behaviour.


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