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Weekly updates

With the Guinness World Records stamp on it, Y-40 Deep Joy is officially the world’s deepest pool. The pool is 40 metres deep, which is about the length of a 12 story building. Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto, the pool is perfect for scuba diving, free diving and aqua fitness. With underwater caves and such a huge depth, the pool replicates a real diving experience and can be used as a practice pool. Located in the small Italian town of Montegrotto Terme, the pool breaks the original holders of the record, Brussel’s Nemo 33. The pool is filled with a little over one million gallons of water from local springs. If you’re not much of a swimmer, but still want to catch the action of your more adventurous counterparts, then I have news for you — you can see the pool in all of its glory from a transparent tunnel that runs deep below the surface of the water. Best part yet, the pool is heated at 32-34 degrees celcius so there’s no need to bring a wetsuit.