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Check out the 24K gold NES console that you probably won’t be able to buy

Just empty out your piggy bank and you should be able to cop your own

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Are you sick and tired of your Nintendo Entertainment System clashing with your gold plated flat screen and marble sofas? Well the good people at Analogue are dropping a golden NES titled “Nt” that will solve all your woes.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, this lovely chunk of gold is going to be on the market for the cool price of $4,999. We’d probably be happy with a carrot cake for our 30th birthday, but this 24 karat bad boy is probably the next best thing.

The Nt flexes the same hardware that Zelda was designed for, so it’s the perfect treat for all the Link fans. There are only 10 up for grabs so make sure you gets yours!

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