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Over the past 20 years, the Harmony Korine-written, Larry Clark-directed Kids has grown a cult following. If you’re a fan, then I’m sure you’ve seen hoards of polaroids emblazoned on Tumblr, depicting candid moments on set – the great thing about these polaroids is that they are not unlike the vibe of the film itself. They are gritty, voyeuristic, sexually charged but also very sincere and unpretentious. Part of what made this film so great was the quasi-documentary quality to the production. The actors were picked off the streets of New York and mostly had no acting experience, they were not all chosen to look attractive on camera like common media. The cast were genuine reflections of the scene in which Larry Clark and Harmony Korine were attempting to recreate.

The film’s stylist recently spoke to Dazed about her experience working on the film, and once again secures the authenticity of the film’s style, “It was anti-fashion,” she said. “It had very little to do with what you would find at Macy’s. It was utilitarian, it was thrifted. There are teens and twenty-somethings who live in downtown Manhattan and don’t have any money, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have style.” She dug up a stack of never-before-seen polaroids from her collection and proves you don’t have to blow $1500 on Yeezy threads to look broke-chic.

Weekly updates