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Remember the Miami Zombie who ate a man’s face? Well another zombie incident has risen from the grave in Florida but this time, it’s feline related.

A cat named Bart from Tampa, Florida is a legit zombie. Bart was pronounced dead after being found stiff in a pool of blood on the road after being hit by a car. The owner regretfully buried the pet but to their shock and that of neighbours, Bart showed up 5 days later on the doorstep like a scene from The Walking Dead. Rescuers are guessing that he regained consciousness in his grave, exhumed himself, and hid out for a few days till returning to find food. The wounded feline is suffering from serious injuries, including a broken jaw, severe head trauma and will lose an eye but is still very alive albeit damaged. His owner relinquished his zombie cat to the Tampa Humane Society due to surgery costs and Bart is awaiting to undergo the procedures.


Shalane Kerr

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