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We may be finding ourselves battling against ignorant comments and bigoted views a little more than we would like lately but there is still definitely a strong push from many of our peers to band together in support of diversity and inclusion. Diesel have linked up with local creative crew Working Class Secret Service to highlight this with a new photography series.

The ‘We Are Equal’ project sees eight Australian photographers interpret their own understanding and experience with equality. The result is a very diverse collection of images, which really furthers the exploration of unity and equality in our increasingly multicultural society. What’s even better is that many of these talented photographers have graced Acclaim’s pages with their aesthetic in the past – Jess Brohier, Sam Wong, Nic Ojae, Wilhelm Philipp – so it’s pretty sweet to see them come together to celebrate an important part of Australian youth culture.

Images from the project will be shared periodically over the next five weeks and you can sign up to get this goodness fed directly to your inbox. Subscribing to this mailing list will also score you a free ‘We Are Equal’ pin, so you can wear your heart on your sleeve (or jacket pocket or tote bag). Take a look at some of the photos above or head to weareequal.com.au for a full preview of the project.

Weekly updates