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Weekly updates

Entourage fans gather round – after many a rumour it has now been officially confirmed that HBO’s long-running series has been given the go-ahead to start production on the Entourage movie. The entire original cast are apparently amid negotiations to reprise their original roles. As far as I’m concerned however, as long as Ari makes an appearance it’s set to be cinema gold.

Series creator Doug Ellin (who also wrote the screenplay and executive produced the show alongside Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson) will direct the film. Other than that, not many details are available yet. So in terms of a start date or timeline, your guess is as good as mine.

[SPOILER ALERT] As Entourage fans will recall, the last season ended with Ari leaving the celebrity agent business to focus on his marriage only to receive a last minute phone call offering him the job of a lifetime. His answer to the offer was left up in the air, so hopefully we’ll get some closure in the upcoming film. In the meantime, better start re-watching the series to get myself re-accustomed to Drama’s accent, E’s endless bitching, Ari’s anger issues, Lloyd’s outfits, and Vince’s unbearably gorgeous piercing blue eyes.