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We previously blogged on the upcoming Shocklands tour, the second stop of the PRO/AM 2012 Invitiational presented by SbA and Nike SB.  The crew have announced the 36 riders who’ll be participating in the street contest, and dropped a little clip of footage from last year’s event which you can check in the gallery above.

July 21 from noon
Shed 4, North Wharf Road, Docklands

Blake Harris, Tommy Fynn, Reece Warren, Dennis Durrant, Mitch Robertom, Pat Dandy, Rob Kenworthy, Sam Tran, Dean Parsons, Nick Boserio, Bjorn Johnston, Will Hine, Jake Duncombe, Shane Azar, John Dickenson, Jesse Noonan, Sam Giles, Alex Campbell, Jackson Pilz, Jack Fardell, Jeremy Corea, Jack Kirk, Jack Crook, Harry Clark, Scott Standley, Deon Williams, Vaughan Marks, Bugs Fardell, Marc Holland, Pedro Day, Dave Harris, Alex Lawton, Ryan Wilson, Dean Palmer, Matt Kinsman, Max Couling