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Weekly updates

Atlanta-based company CineMassive builds giant multiscreen video walls and what’s the best thing to put on a giant video wall? Minesweeper. The game is played on 24 high-definition screens that are linked together as a single display, with a resolution of 11,520 x 4,320 pixels.

No one on the CineMassive team has even come close to finding all the mines on its expert setting and they created it—I know what you’re thinking, fuck that. If Minesweeper on Windows 95 wasn’t frustrating enough, this version’s hardest setting has you attempting to clear 38,799 mines without blowing the whole thing up…. and then starting over from scratch if you do.

If you think you have what it takes to clear 38,799 mines well good news for you, CineMassive is accepting applications on its site and will choose 10 players to try their game.


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