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You can’t go on YouTube these days without seeing Minecraft touted somewhere in some capacity. No matter what you’re watching, chances are there’s a Minecraft parody of it in the suggestions bar. It’s basically the ‘autotune remix’ formula for 2014.

Now, the FDA want to use the permeant sandbox video game to curb smoking. In a manoeuvre that looks about as competent as that weird old Pee Wee Herman anti-crack PSA, one of YouTube’s most popular Minecraft players has signed on for the awareness campaign.

SkyDoesMinecraft, a 21 year old gamer who makes an estimate of up to $432,000 a month through YouTube revenue, was contacted by the FDA through Machinima to make the PSA.

It’s definitely a weird match up but with 10.3 million subscribers, SkyDoesMinecraft might be the necessary vehicle to get the anti-smoking message out to youth.

The game, which has a huge modding community, can be expanded with TobaccoCraft, an expansion which allows players to grow and manufacture a range of in-game tobacco goods. Weird.


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