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Weekly updates

We’ve all been there. You’re at a festival and day or night regardless it can be disorienting trying to find where the hell you set your tent up. Counting your paces, trying to remember identifying marks, amongst a sea of camo colours and fighting off that sinking feeling of desperation.

British company FieldCandy have been around for a while but the rest of the world should really be clocking on, because who to better understand tent strife than the Brits, the land of bad weather and Glastonbury? They work with a variety of designers so each tent is unique, colourful and in your face [read: easy to find]. Prices range from $500 AUD to over a grand and all are made extremely well. If you’re a hardcore festival head or just love to rough it, you’ll blast your money-to-uses ratio in no time.

Mica Nantes